FreshDirect Names Top Trends for 2019

CBD-infused foods, tech-enabled local organic offerings, and better-for-you beverages are among the top trends for 2019, according to FreshDirect. CBD oil-infused products will first surge in the drinks category, according to the retailer, with these beverages driving the functional-wellness drink category. CBD will also be prominently featured on more menus next year and in new food new food products, such as salad dressings, according to the list.

Other forecasted trends include bringing fresh into shelf-stable, high-quality canned fish, oats, premium spice packets, cauliflower, an evolution of kids’ snacks, and the expansion of local foods. FreshDirect claims that this coming year will bring more innovative, fresh, and sustainable takes on shelf-stable staples — some becoming so fresh that they need to be refrigerated.

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